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biofilter exhaust air

Biological exhaust air purification processes refer to methods in which airborne constituents are broken down within a controlled separation system by microorganisms, converting them into non-harmful or low-odor degradation products. Under the appropriate conditions (including biodegradable exhaust components, warm/moist/dust-free exhaust), biological processes can offer a cost-effective alternative to other methods. The most commonly used biological process is the biofilter. In this process, microorganisms reside on a moist organic support material (e.g., shredded wood) placed on a grid and passed through by the exhaust air.

To ensure the well-being of your staff and protect the environment from negative influences caused by air pollutants, we provide you with a biofilter system tailored to your needs. Our range includes solutions from small-scale devices to large central installations. We offer both standalone solutions and combinations with alternative techniques, serving as experienced consultants and providers of comprehensive exhausted air solutions.



Designs and Features

All system components (pipelines, containers, electrical components, etc.) can be manufactured and supplied in the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel (e.g., V2A)
  • Plastic (e.g., polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), electrically conductive polyethylene)

For which applications is a biofilter suitable?

For technically relevant biodegradable substances (usually VOCs, odors) in warm, humid, and grease- and dust-free exhaust air.

What components make up the operating costs of a biofilter?

The operating costs of a biofilter primarily consist of electricity costs (largely dependent on the fan’s power, pre-conditioning), maintenance costs, and water consumption costs.

What is the difference between a biofilter and a wet scrubber?

In the biofilter, air pollutants are biologically degraded by microorganisms into harmless end products. In the wet scrubber, air pollutants are washed out, turning the air pollution problem into a wastewater problem.

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