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Nozzle Plate Scrubber

nozzle plate scrubber exhaust air

Nozzle plate scrubbers are plate columns. They are wet scrubbers where the washing agent is fed from above over a certain number of sieve trays (here: nozzle plates) downwards. These nozzle plates are traversed by the exhaust air from below (counterflow mode), with the entrained washing agent being separated by a vapor-liquid separator. For lightly volatile exhaust components (e.g. ethanol), a nozzle plate scrubber in continuous operation can provide a high concentration of the exhaust component in the washing liquid due to the strong concentration gradient and reduce washing agent consumption compared to other designs.

The use of wet scrubbers operating with water is subject to the provisions of the 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance (also known as the Legionella Ordinance), according to which operators of such facilities have various obligations to prevent Legionella contamination.

We provide customized nozzle plate scrubber systems to protect your employees and the natural environment from the adverse effects of harmful air pollutants. Our range includes small units to extensive central systems. We offer solutions that work both independently and in conjunction with other processes, with us serving as an experienced partner and provider of comprehensive air purification solutions.



Designs and Features

All plant components (pipework, vessels, electrical components, etc.) can be manufactured and supplied in the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel (e.g., V2A)
  • Plastic (e.g., polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), electrically conductive polyethylene)

For which applications is a nozzle plate scrubber suitable?

In the nozzle plate scrubber, water-soluble air components are separated, including acidic or alkaline ones.

What components make up the operating costs?

The operating costs of a wet scrubber mainly consist of electricity costs (largely dependent on the fan’s power, also on the pump’s power), maintenance costs, and detergent consumption costs.

What is the difference between a nozzle plate scrubber and a packed scrubber?

In the nozzle plate scrubber, the exhaust air is passed through one or several nozzle plates, on which the detergent flows from top to bottom. In the packed scrubber, the exhaust air is passed through one or several separation stages with detergent-wetted packing material.

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