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Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filter exhaust air industry

Many specific exhaust air problems can be solved using adsorption processes. In adsorption plants, the exhaust air constituents (adsorbate) adhere to a receiving solid material (adsorbent). An adsorbent is more effective the larger its specific surface area. Therefore, activated carbon (activated carbon filters) is a commonly used adsorbent, resulting in a wide range of applications. For a small number of substances that cannot be reliably removed using activated carbon, impregnated activated carbon can be used. Depending on the application, activated carbon can be replaced regularly or regenerated through desorption.

To protect your employees and the environment from hazardous air pollutants, we present you with a tailored adsorption plant that is precisely matched to your specific requirements. Our range includes small units to comprehensive large-scale systems. Whether you are looking for a standalone solution or prefer integration with other techniques, we serve as experienced consultants for air purification and providers of comprehensive solutions.



Design and Features

All system components (pipes, containers, electrical components, etc.) can be manufactured and delivered in the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Stainless steel (e.g. V2A)
  • plastic (e.g. polypropylen (PP), polyethylen (PE), electrically conductive polyethylen)

For which applications is an activated carbon filter suitable?

Activated carbon filters have a wide range of applications, including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), inorganic gases, heavy metals, odors.

What components do the operating costs of an activated carbon filter consist of?

The operating costs of an activated carbon filter consist primarily of electricity costs (depending primarily on the performance of the fan), maintenance costs and spare parts costs (especially activated carbon).

What is the difference between an activated carbon filter and a biofilter?

In the activated carbon filter, exhaust air ingredients are adsorbed on activated carbon particles. Including impregnated activated carbon, there is a wide range of applications. In the biofilter, the exhaust air ingredients are broken down biologically by microorganisms into harmless end products. The process is cost-effective and environmentally friendly, but the area of application is limited.

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