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Packed Scrubber

Packed Scrubber

Packed scrubbers (also known as packed column scrubbers) are scrubbing towers equipped with integrated packing material. The packing material is wetted with the washing liquid and traversed by the exhaust air in countercurrent flow. Entrained washing liquid is separated by a droplet separator. This creates large gas/liquid interfaces that are constantly renewed. When the packing material is not randomly arranged but implemented as an ordered packing, it is also referred to as a packed bed.

The use of wet scrubbers with water is subject to the regulations of the 42nd Federal Immission Control Ordinance (known as the “Legionella Ordinance”), which imposes various responsibilities on operators of such systems to prevent contamination by Legionella bacteria.

We offer individually tailored packed scrubber systems to protect both your staff and the environment from the adverse effects of harmful exhaust air components. Our product portfolio includes solutions ranging from smaller units to extensive large-scale systems. Whether you need a standalone solution or prefer a combination with other technologies, we are here to support you as an experienced partner for air purification and provider of comprehensive solutions.



Designs and Features

All plant components (pipework, vessels, electrical components, etc.) can be manufactured and supplied in the following materials:

  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel (e.g., V2A)
  • Plastic (e.g., polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), electrically conductive polyethylene)

For which applications is a packed scrubber suitable?

In the packed tower scrubber, water-soluble air components are separated, especially acidic or alkaline ones.

What components make up the operating costs of a packed scrubber?

The operating costs of a wet scrubber mainly consist of electricity costs (largely dependent on the fan’s power, as well as the pump’s power), maintenance costs, and detergent consumption costs.

What is the difference between a packed scrubber and a nozzle plate scrubber?

In a packed scrubber, the air is passed through one or more separation stages with packing material wetted by detergent. In a nozzle plate scrubber, the air is passed through one or more nozzle plates, on which the detergent flows from top to bottom.

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