Industrial Services

Maintenance/Exchange Piping of a Biofilter System

Branch: Automotive Industry
Objective: Exchange of raw and clean gas pipelines and additional chemical inner coating against corrosion
Service: Project planning, inner coating, lacquering de- and re-assembly of collector pipe

Maintenance of a wet separator with downstream active carbon filter

Branch: Plastics Industry
Objective: Repair of wet separator and exchange of raw gas pipelines between extruders and exhaust gas cleaning system

Retrofit of pipeline of a dry dust extraction system

Branch: Automotive Industry
Objective: Retrofit of a dry filtering system incl. power adjustment of ventilator
Service: Project planning, operation and power adjustment of the plant and exchange of record line

Cleaning of nozzle and volume rate measurement device of a Venturi Scrubber

Branch: Automotive Industry
Objective: Regular cleaning and maintenance of Venturi-nozzle and volume rate measurement device
Service: Inspection and repair

Maintenance of nozzle plate Scrubber

Branch: Automotation Industry
Objective: Maintenance, repair and adjustment of operating parameters of nozzle plate washer